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Welcome! You've stumbled upon 7hir7een's home for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer related stuff. The site is called Vampire Slayage, and it's been around in various iterations since around 2002. After a very long hiatus, I've started to work on the site again. Be on the lookout for comprehensive episode lists (with direct links to the best episode guides, transcripts, trivia, and screencaps for each), more pictures, links, and more.

Please pardon our dust. This site is under construction.

Update Log

04/17/11 - I have updated the way the images work on my site. Now, instead of full-size images popping up in a new window/tab, they show up in a layer on top of the page. Click the close button or somewhere off of the image to close the layer. This should hopefully make your viewing experience more pleasurable.

06/10/10 - I've finally updated and made available my progress on my fanfiction. It can be found under the fanfiction section. If you choose to read it, please keep in mind it is a work in progress. Also, just a note... it's for my own personal use, so I don't intend any sort of copyright infringement by posting it on my personal site. I just thought it'd be fun to format it like a book. I also added some more videos from YouTube.

07/18/09 - The site has been redesigned! You may not be able to see a difference, but the site no longer uses iframes at all, increasing uniformity, accessibility, and cross-browser compatibility. It should be easier for me to update in this format. The minimum font size has also been bumped up for easier viewing in most browsers.

07/03/09 - The link me page is back up, complete with buttons and banners. The Buffy dollmaker is now local, instead of providing a link on my previous, ad-filled free site. The episode guide has been added. Seasons one and two are completed, the rest are under construction. A couple of videos have been added also!

07/02/09 - After years of not updating the site, I finally decided I should do something about it. Buffy was my favorite show, and the site on my domain related to it needed to do the series at least some justice. The layout has been pretty much completely revamped. It's much prettier now. The iframe now automatically adjusts to fit the size of your screen, so no more pop-up pages are needed! Additionally, the linkage page has been added, providing links to many of the premier Buffy sites that are still live. Old, invalid links have been removed from the entire site.

--- Pre-Hiatus Updates---

02/18/03 - Early in the morning... *lol* Well, all the pages that I have up now fit into the css template, so it doesn't look completely screwed up now... I still haven't added the iframe... I guess I'm just too lazy. I did add a link to the seventh chapter of A Love So Bittersweet, and I am continuing to try and keep the other fanfictions updated as well... If you would like your fanfiction posted on my site, feel free to email me a fanfiction.net link or the story itself. And contrary to what the page looks like, I accept MORE than just Buffy and Spike couplings. They're just the stories I have up right now. Thanks to you guys, and remember any feedback is greatly appreciated.

02/17/03 - As you can see, that new layout thing worked out pretty well... Do you guys like it? Anyway, I've got the basic pages up and running, but some of them are works in progress... Yeah, that would be the items on the menu that don't have links. I'm trying to add an iframe now so there won't be so many popup windows... And just to let you know, I've added my own personal fanfiction, A Love So Bittersweet, under the fanfiction section. Please read it... And feel free to send me reviews

02/16/03 - The new layout is up and running... The Buffy the Vampire Slayer game information, screenshots and etc... have been temporarily removed due to space issues on Tripod. I may or may not add these back in... I don't know...

The months in between - I haven't not done anything... It's just been minor changes that I can't remember the date I fixed them... I long for the days when I don't have to worry more about school and homework...

07/06/02 - Added fanfic pages, fixed menu and the textbox thingy

07/05/02 - Added Buffy Xbox game screenshots, weapons, characters, and other info

07/04/02 - Worked on dollmaker, added some props

07/03/02 - Made new, better layout

07/02/02 - Added some props to the Buffy dollmaker

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