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These are some of the best Buffy sites out there. Links open in a new window.


General Sites

Home of the most detailed Buffy episode guide, and many other features. Check it out!
A Complete Guide to All of the BtVS and Angel Episodes. Mp3 downloads, trailers for each episode, episode image captures, quotes list, forum, transcripts, episode summaries, sound clips, air dates and news.
The Buffy and Angel Trivia Guide
This website contains 4,887 pieces of trivia and 8,480 comments by 2159 members about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
And You Though YOU Were Obsessed with BtVS
Excellent character/actor tattoo index, Buffy makeup guide, filmographies, quizzes, episodes, obsession list and more.
Dusk 'til Dawn
This is your source for all things Whedon. Whether you want to read some Buffy episode guides or catch up with the latest on Dollhouse, you'll find it all here.
Much Ado About Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A premiere BtVS site with spoilers, quotes, character info, quizzes, and more.
A comprehensive Buffy, Angel, and Firefly fansite.
The Buffy Cross & Stake
A premiere Buffy site, with episode info, cast info, photos galore, fan fiction, reliable spoilers, and more.

Buffy-related Media

Buffyverse Dialogue Database
Thousands of cross-referenced quotes organized by episode, character and story arc. Searchable dialogue, random and popular quote features, also-known-as lists. S1-S7 original episode/plot guide, season 5&6 memorable moments, essays, episode art. Bandwidth-friendly, no ads or clutter
Housed here you will find both 85x85 and 100x100 sized icons, mostly for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Freeze Frame Network
Buffy the vampire Slayer and Angel the Series Screencap Network. Fanart makers and fans of the Buffyverse unite to bring numerous high quality screencaps of our favorite shows.
Glamourous Sarah Michelle Gellar
Very high-quality Sarah Michelle Gellar photos
Screencap Paradise
High-quality screencaps for Buffy, Angel, and other shows

Fanfiction Resources

The BtVS Writers' Guild
The BTVS Writers Guild is a home to fanfic authors and readers. There is fanfiction galore and resources for authors. There are Zones for writing styles, Buffy and Angel characters, and various pairings of the characters of both shows
Angel Fanfiction Resources
Anything and everything on writing Angel series fanfiction.

Fanfiction Archives

Buffy Fiction Archive
An all-inclusive, self-uploadable, searchable, automated fan fiction archive for BtVS and A:tS fandoms, affiliated with the BFA-L mailing list. This site contains fan fiction from gen to slash, G to NC-17.
All About Spike
Fanfiction focusing on Spike's redemption. High quality, carefully selected stories
Buffy & Spike Diaries
Large Buffy/Spike fanfic site, with over 2000 stories. Searchable by author, rating, title, recommended stories, unfinished, and more. also has a review feature and a "print a story" feature
Death-Marked Love
A Buffy/Spike fanfic archive which also includes a detailed history of the couple, right up to the latest episode complete with a selection of screencaps.